Frequently asked questions

What are inluded in the edits?

Minor retouching: Cord, trash, stain and other small object removal, sky, fireplace, grass replacement are all FREE

How do I pay?

We send invoices via Paypal. We request payment per order for the first month. From the second month onwards, we bill twice a month

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is 6 - 16 hours, typically 12 depending on the number of photos and our current status.

How does % Money back for late delivery work?

If a shoot takes more than 16 hours to complete without prior notice, the charge for the shoot goes down 5% for each passing hour

How does "exclusive editor" work?

Your test photos will be given to several editors. After you approve their edits, only them will be given your photos. We won't give your photos to random editors to avoid quality inconsistency

How much photos can you handle per day?

We're always available for 200 additional photos per day. Please shoot us a message if there are more.

Are you always available, 24/7?

We work 24/7. However, our support team is unavailable from 1 PM to 6 PM EST

How do I send and receive photos?

You can use your Dropbox, Google Drive or upload photos to our server, whichever you prefer. Finished photos will be sent in a Dropbox link. We have a tutorial for that inside client dashboard.

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